Give the gift of reading!
A $30 gift sends a book each month to a child less fortunate.


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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is in Mat-Su!
     ... join Best Beginnings and local sponsors - give the gift of reading.

Adopt a Month
Mat-Su Imagination Library's Adopt a Month fundraising program is in full swing! You or your business can sponsor a month of books mailed to Mat-Su children under five for $6,000. Current enrollment fluctuates around 3000 children each month. Your name will be on every book mailed that month, and you will be thanked in the media, on our website and Facebook page, in our e-newsletter to all families and will be given a window cling for your car or business. You will be giving our children the biggest boost toward success they will ever receive. Contact Linda Conover for further details, 232-8517.

MEA thank you!
MEA's Chartiable Foundation partnered with us and sponsored a month of books! MEA's Operation Roundup® is a voluntary program, where each participating member’s bill will be automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar and proceeds will be donated to the MEA Charitable Foundation. These funds are then returned to the community in the form of grants. Visit their website to roundup your monthly bill. Or if you or your business would like to sponsor an Imagination Library month, like MEA did, please contact Linda Conover.

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It sounds almost too simple to be true, but by reading regularly with your children during their early years – from birth! – you are giving them the biggest boost toward success they will receive.

Mat-Su Imagination Library will send an age appropriate books to your mailing address every month, until your child turns 5 years old. Local donations provide the funding for books and shipping.

Emilie Buchwald said, “Children become readers on the laps of their parents." So true!

Sign up now! If your child is…
   • age birth to 5 years old
   • a current resident of the Mat-Su Borough.

Research all over the country shows positive results in terms of Imagination Library improving readiness for school.

Download the enrollment form by clicking on the "REGISTER MY CHILD" link here.

Enroll Now!   Change Your Address

For change of address: You MUST first complete a "Change of Address" form at the post office, then click 'Change Address' button above.
If you have forgotten your username and password, email us your new address.

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Reading to the dog!

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New statistic raises questions
Fewer than 20 percent of Alaska children entering kindergarten are prepared in all the ways experts say are important for success in school. That’s according to figures recently provided by the state. This new information is a far cry from the estimates we had been using about school readiness, and raises some important questions.

Words Count The more words children are exposed to in their first few years, the better they fare in school and in life. Right from birth, babies both initiate communication with their parents and respond – through crying, facial expressions, and arm waving, to name a few. Two-way interaction, what neuroscientists call “serve-and-return,” is critical to building neural connections in the baby brain. Talk, sing, read, and play with your child every day!

For more tips on how to add more words and interaction to your child’s life, check out these resources:

Praise the effort
Even if your baby is the smartest person since Einstein, don’t tell her that. It’s much better to praise how hard she works. Research at Stanford University found that children whose efforts are praised (rather than innate smarts) are more motivated and eager to face challenges later. View research.

There’s more the Mat-Su Imagination Library does…
Mat-Su community volunteers organize enrollment events, family fun sessions, coordinate with local agencies, and raise funds to sponsor Mat-Su children in the program. Plus, maintain a current email address with us and receive free activity sheets and reading tips for your Imagination Library books.

Mat-Su families love Imagination Library ...

I would like to say thank you. My son has been receiving books for some time now. He is 4 and these books have truly made him excited about reading. He loves getting a new book and has me read them so many times, he memorizes them and "reads" them back to me word for word.

I am truly grateful. ~ Tina


My son Athan was a little bummed to learn that he no longer gets books in the mail the other day. The good news is, he got to check his first book out at the school library, so that’s opening a whole new world to him. We have so loved being part of the Imagination Library - thank you for all the good work you do. It’s certainly expanded our horizons in terms of offering books that I might not generally pick for our crew of boys to read. “Tea Party Rules” was one of those - it was quite the hit and we read it over and over for a few weeks.

Thank you, and thanks for all you do! ~ Rindi


I LOVED the previous workshop!!! It was FANTASTIC!!!
Thank you, Linda! Your hard work is a tremendous asset to kids in the Valley! Both Ella and Ian (3 1/2 and 23 months) LOVE their books. Ella "reads" to us every day with the books she has memorized. Over in the Meadow and I Am a Rainbow are two current favorites. Going to the mailbox is quite a treat! ~ Laura


"My little guy loves his August gift, A Place called Kindergarten. He goes to kindergarten next year so it really made his day. He even memorized the rainbow song shared in the book!!! Thank you!!" ~ Ashley Kelly
"Thank you so much for coordinating this program. I'm sure you know what a difference this program can make in the lives of children whose parents do not buy them books.  My daughter was so surprised when we read her first book, the little engine.  I enjoyed it too since I had not seen it since I was a child.  She now knows 'I think I can, I think I can' like the little engine that could.  The pictures in the book are great for discussion.  She enjoys 'reading' the book back to me after I've read it to her and I can tell that she paid attention since she can repeat some of the lines verbatim.  Thanks again for participating in this program and for giving kids the gift of reading in the MSB (like I always say, you're never bored if you're a reader)." ~ The Simeroth Family - Elena, Tony, and Skyler Jade

"Dream More, Learn More, Care More, Be More." -- Dolly Parton

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